W10 On Ground Zero with The Community

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W10 On Ground Zero With The Community
YRU Becoming A Student Athlete All-star Game

April 16, 2018 W10 will be on location at the YRU Becoming a Student Athlete All-Star Game. W10 has a passion to serving the community and being involved in as many local events that promote a positive message and family unity.

“The event will display the top boys and girl’s freshman and sophomore prospect, day 1 starts off with a special presentation brought to you by YRU. The presentation will aid to support the selected student-athletes and parents with imperative information pertaining to NCAA eligibility, SAT prep tips, and student-athlete development. YRU brought in 4 guest speakers who had the chance to interact with their Student-Athletes to shed some light on these defining topics.”

~ www.twingq.com


“As huge community supporters we felt that this is a great platform to share our message of strength in family by speaking with the parents of some of the athletes and encouraging them to keep praying and keep believing that anything is possible.”

~ Nichole Williams -Vocalist



The YRU president was extremely excited to have W10 make an appearance at the event and not only make an appearance but also get involved.

“When ever you have star power with a positive message bringing their energy to an event, special things start to happen.”

~Antwi Atuahene -President YRU

About W10: The Williams siblings, all 10 of them, have their individual musical gifts and talents, however, like the mighty ‘Voltron‘ when they join forces together they make for a powerful singing group. Based in Toronto Canada the family with mother Hyacinth and father Bishop Dennis Lloyd Williams would sing every Sunday during the local church services. The family grew attention from many people around the greater Toronto area and soon after God inspire Dennis to start his own ministry. Today after the untimely passing of the eldest of the family Opal Williams, the family decided to grant her passing wish that we write and record our very own music. So after many years of singing music from other artists, the family now has music of their own. The city, and the world is awaiting to hear the Williams family, (W10) and be blessed.