Partnership Sponsors & Strategic Partners

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

~Henry Ford

  • Sound of TJ

    Sound of TJ

    Music Production & Studio
    Toronto Ontario, Canada
  • KGC - Event Consulting

    KGC - Event Consulting

    Toronto Ontario Canada
    (P) : 647.449.7165 (E) :
  • Security by CB

    Security by CB

    Personal Security | Event Security
    and More…
    (P) : 416.7370590 (E) :
  • MA Consulting

    MA Consulting

    Toronto Canada
    For more info:
  • McNaught Real Estate Brokerage

    5225 Orbitor Dr., Unit 19 Mississauga, ON L4W 4Y8 Phone: (905) 282-9909

How To Become a Sponsor or Strategic Partner


A W10 “Sponsor” contribute to events and tours financially or in-Kind. Sponsors have the flexibility to support W10 throughout the year for 1, 2, or all scheduled activity. We are always looking for sponsors to come on-board, so if that’s you or your organization, we welcome you in advance.

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Strategic Partners

A W10 “Strategic Partner” contribute to events and tours on a more long term fixed basis, financially or in-Kind. Strategic Partner’s offers the group not just financial or In-Kind support, but also builds collaborative opportunities with long term gains.

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